Liquid staking protocol on Zilliqa

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Liquid staking protocol on Zilliqa

Avely protocol
is based on stZIL token

stZIL unlocks staked ZIL

stZIL unlocks staked ZIL and makes it
tradable, transferrable and available to use
in other DeFi protocols

price grows automatically

stZIL price increases whenever the protocol automatically restakes the staking rewards

2 weeks withdrawals lock

You can easily trade stZIL to ZIL on DEXes
without waiting for ~2 weeks for staking

How it works


User stakes ZIL or transfers stake and receives stZIL


Smart contract automatically claims rewards and restakes them


stZIL price increases after restake


At the exit user gets the amount of ZIL according to the percentage

Instant Exit to Zil

Use Avely Swap or other DEXes to swap stZIL to ZIL. Position yourself for big price movements!


Auto Restake

You don’t need to claim
your rewards to stake it again.

stZIL price automatically
increases due to the protocol

Transfer stZIL as a usual token

stZIL is ZRC-2 token that can be transferred from account to account

Sweet SSN commission rate


Liquid staking
protocol on Zilliqa

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